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Wellcome to SeedWealth!

SeedWealth, LLC integrated the traditional recipe of oriental sweets and the flavor of Ukrainian sunflower seeds. The SeedWealth halva customized according to the national mentalities and flavors of all our partner countries.

SeedWealth, LLC is in business from 2011 and employed near 150 professionals in the Food Industry and Management. The company is developing and extending the export zone. Therefore, it collaborates with the huge confectionery manufactures as a supplier of sunflower kernels halva and raw products.

The SeedWealth halva came onto the markets of Romania, Germany, Poland, Libya, Israel, Belorussian, Georgia and other states. Ukrainian brands Kukhar Rishelie™, Royal Taste™, Lukas™ are among our famous business partners.

Quality certification

SeedWealth products meet the requirements of ISO 22000:2018

SeedWealth products used to take part in food exhibitions and festivals, as “Sweets & Bakery” (Ukraine).

We are aimed at increasing the producing capacity to let the SeedWealth sunflowers warm the gourmets’ hearts worldwide!


5-year development results

For the period, started from SeedWealth halva entering the foreign market, the SeedWealth professional team:

  • extended the horizons;

We have analyzed the sweets markets of Europe, Asia and Northern Africa to produce the products, which met the requirement of outbound purchasers. Thus, we have increased the goods’ range and the taste properties.

  • optimized the technology to reduce the prime cost;

The production technology was refined with modern machinery, which reduces the prime cost of the product and the lump sum price for the buyer.

  • improved the package;

The type and the weight of package become more convenient. SeedWealth halva is packed in plastic boxes, flow-packs, kraft paper bags, cardboard boxes upon the request.

  • provided the effective system of kernels sorting.

The sunflower seeds sorting and peeling systems were modernized, and the percentage of low-quality raw materials was eliminated in the production process. We cooperate with approved suppliers for more than 5 years, thus the sunflower seed kernels for SeedWealth halva production are usually the healthy energy source for human body.


Production of SeedWealth halva

The SeedWealth halva processing consists of 7 main steps:

  • Preparation of sunflower seeds (pre-sorting, peeling from husk and shells).
  • The kernels mass preparation (drying, roasting and mashing).
  • Caramel mass preparation from sugar and starch syrup.
  • Preparation of natural foaming agent (licorice root or soapwort root extract).
  • Mixing of the caramel and foaming agent.
  • Halva ingredients combining and kneading. On this step peanut, raisin, cocoa, sesame, unbroken sunflower hearts, dried apricot or other compounds may be added into the paste.
  • After the paste solidification, halva is bricked and packed.

All steps of the process of halva preparation are characterized by their own specification and responsibilities in weight, temperature, moisture and other technological details. For example, if the amount of caramel paste exceeds the norm, the product texture and flavor of halva may be distorted or spoiled.