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Seedwealth Halva Packing

Flow-packs 0.2 kg.
Cardboard box 4.8 kg (24*0.2 кg).

Flow-packs 0.5 kg.
Cardboard box 6 kg. (12*0.5 kg).

We are ready to organize appropriate portioning and package: organic bags, plastic boxes etc.



Shipping: FOB, CIF
Odessa Marine Trade Port
Term of Delivery: less than 10 days
100% prepayment (transfer), L/C

Minimum Order Amount 5 t

Preparation Term 4-7 days


Storage Conditions

Keep in dry, clean, ventilated storage space at temperature 8-18 °С and air relative humidity > 70% without specific odors. The place must be not infected by corny pests.

Shelf life of SeedWealth halva is 6 months.